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In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customers travel to large shopping centers and malls to do their shopping. Is it a positive or negative development?

It is believed that people have increased their reliance on shopping complexes and malls, which has resulted in the closure of the street shops. I contend that it could have both negative and positive effects as people would get better goods and services in big shopping centres while the over-dependence on these places have made people forget about their culture. People, nowadays, are more inclined towards those products that speak quality and prefer to buy goods with unlimited choice from renowned brands namely Adidas, Victoria secret, Zara. Moreover, the facilities which are offered to them at shopping malls like better infrastructure, air conditioning and refreshments is incomparable to the filthy street shops. For example, recently Suvidha, a shopping complex got opened in my hometown and it has become a shopping hub for locals owing to better amenities and high quality products than the small shops. Therefore, it is considered as a positive development because of the luxurious amenities that are being rendered by these shopping malls. However, over reliance of people on the malls for shopping would make the popularity of local street shops suffer and this also would influence people to follow the culture of other countries over their oriental. For example, Khadi clothes, which was introduced by the Mahatma Gandhi, are only worn by the elderly people as youngsters consider the Khadi clothes out of style and because of that their cultural values which are attached to their clothing are fading. Moreover, this would also affect the economy of the country owing to preference of international brands over locals. Therefore, these malls and shopping complexes have not only affected local shops, but also made the young generation neglect their culture. To conclude, in my opinion, with the introduction of shopping complexes, people have forgotten their culture but this has also facilitated also facilitated them with the popular brands and its qualitative products which would be a positive development.
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