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Some young people are leaving the countryside to live in cites and town, leaving only old people in the countryside. What problems are caused by this issue? What can be done to solve this situation?

It's often proven that most of the people are fascinated to leave their villages in order to lead a quality life in cities. As a result, parents are left in the countryside without anyone support. In the following essay, I intend to delve into the reasons for this phenomenon and provide some solid solution. First and foremost, the main reason for shifting to urban areas is that better life and earning more money. What I mean by this, moving to cities, one can broaden their horizons and have a plethora of career opportunities. Unlike villages, cities are more expensive to lead a life with a big family. Thus, their parents are left in home towns to save the save money and enjoy without hassle of their parents. For example, a recent survey published that 70 percentage of mankind moved to big cities by keeping their parents in the village because of which parents are struggling to lead life by living alone without proper support. To alleviate this, there are many reasons to eradicate this issue. Government should encourage companies to build more offices in rural areas, therefore local people can work in those companies so that there are less chances of thinking about different cities. In addition, Individuals should also consider of getting public changes which are locally based. As a result, parents can live with their children and everyone can lead a peaceful lifel. To put it in a nutshell, I pen down, saying that, Although there are certain advantages of cities, staying in the home country with parents have the more benefits. When parents stay together, children can learn moral values which will help them in future.
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