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The qualities that a truly successful person in our modern life has cannot be learned at universities and similar academic institutions. To what extent do you agree?

To be a successful person in the life, a one can require not only the academic skills but also the behavioural skills. Although a person can achieve and polish their academic skills through universities and schools, the behavioural skills are the natural talent and requires continuous efforts to improve the personality. Thus, I partially agree with the above notion and the reasons of my inclination are articulated in the ensuing paragraphs. To commence with, On one hand, the academic institutions have their own role in the development of the juveniles. They can gain the fundamental knowledge on each and every subject, from which they can decide their path of the interest for further studies. Moreover, the universities proffer the students with the in depth knowledge of particular subjects. Which decides their career opportunities and professional life. To cite an example, Educands can choose the stream after the tenth grade such as science, commerce and arts as per their taste. On the other hand, the bookish knowledge is not sufficient to become a successful person. If so, then everybody who has completed their study will become a success but, It is not the real case. Because, to attain a success many parameters play a vital role. For an example, stick to the goal, do hard work, put persistence efforts and so on. Which cannot be taught in the schools. Apart from that, It also demands the soft skills such as communication, articulation skills, ideology, positive attitude and knowledge to choose a particular path and a process to get a desired result and this all above skills are not a part of the academic curriculum. To conclude, the schools and varsities provide the fundamental knowledge to strengthen the foundation of the novice. While the other skill to achieve desired outcome are coming with the experience and way of thinking, which cannot gain by the bookish knowledge but with the practical skills and continuous efforts.
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