Some people consider art to be essential and others think it is not. Which view do you agree with and why? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

contemporary world, people often contemplate the need for any kind of artwork. Some people think that
is an integral part of our lives, while others argue that it is of no use. I am of the former view since it is a source of an income for many people and cities.
, it provides peace and joy to a viewer.
To begin
provides a living for many people since people. Undoubtedly, an artistic touch makes any city rich in culture.
In addition
, historical monuments, equally rich and magnificent museums, and spectacular
galleries makes a city worth watching.
, the tourism sector flourishes and generates huge revenue.
, many artists
as painter and actors use
and music to make a living.
For instance
, according to a survey done by the Forbes magazine a quarter of the workforce in the U.K is dependent on
for living.
, people love watching
as it helps them to feel joy and serenity. To be more precise, an artistic work generates different emotions, since it is a sort of language. People, who fancy
, use it to decorate their house,
besides they
Accept comma addition
besides, they
believe that it makes them experience happiness and less stress.
For example
, according to a research done at Cambridge University, people are more content if they love
. To conclude, having discussed the need for
, I concur that
is an indispensable part of any society. It not only opens doors for a high source of income, but
brings peace to its audience.
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