"Prevention is better than cure." Out of country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventive measures.

Experts throughout both developed and developing countries have debated about health care financing. Some believe that a significant part of a country’s health budged should be redirected from treating diseases to educating how to avoid them, personally I strongly disagree.
essay will argue that
prevention actions are highly beneficial, patients who need to be taken care of, cannot be neglected. Nowadays, many governments are trying to increase the well-being level of their society by increasing the amount of money provided for education and precaution steps. Indeed, there are many modern age diseases that develop
as a result
of an unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity or ignorance.
For example
, recent empirical research by the UK government demonstrated that 60% of all hearth diseases could be avoided by doing 30 minutes running exercise every day. It must not be forgotten that there are many people who know little about the consequences if they do not take pre-emptive actions.
, it is conclusively clear that health care system resources should be spent on teaching people how to prevent from getting unwell.
, there is a case for taking precautionary measures benefiting a person’s well-being, the fact that some patients suffer by pure chance, should not be understated.
is largely because, even though some people followed government guidance,
as to avoid smoking or eating fatty food, they fell ill and needed medical treatment after all.
For instance
, studies done by the Oxford University showed that around 45% of people who developed small cell lung cancer have never smoked before, including my father.
, it is conclusively clear that it would be inhumane to cut funds for treating patients who did not get ill by their fault. To conclude, from the examples and arguments given, I firmly believe that,
teaching about illnesses and preventing them require more funding, budget amount for providing medical attention should not be shrunk.
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