Some people think news has no connection to people's lives, so it is a waste of time to read the news in newspapers and watch television news programs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued by some people that spending time reading the news in newspapers and on TV is useless and worthless because there is no link between news and human life. In my personal point of view, I disagree with that point of view. There are some reasons why it is valuable to spend time reading the news in newspapers and watching the news programs on television. The
reason is that updating the information frequently give readers more choices of jobs. There are a lot of companies using newspapers as a means of staff recruitment.
, job seekers have more opportunities to apply for their suitable position. Another advantage of reading newspapers is being aware of danger in society. The reported crimes in newspapers will raise awareness of citizens about bad things
come to pass
around them, from that they know where is dangerous and keep themselves away from these places. Watching
the news
on TV is
worthwhile for people.
, it
will provide
the prediction of weather condition in the future. Knowing how the weather’s like
watchers a clue to plan effectively what they are going to do.
For example
year my friends and I took a trip to Da Nang. Unfortunately, we hadn’t followed the weather forecast before flying,
as a
result it
Accept comma addition
result, it
rained heavily in Da Nang and we had to spend most of our time in the hotel. The
benefit is TV news programs update the latest events happening in the world. Sometimes, they are probably bad news
as pandemic and terrorism,
watching news programs helps people avoid travelling to violent and dangerous countries. For
an instant
, the outbreak of
-19 pandemic around the European countries led to less people in Asia flying to those nations. In conclusion, reading and watching news are useful and worthy. It gives us meaningful and crucial information to make lucid decisions in our life.
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