Even more people are spending most of their time at work nowadays, which leaves almost nothing for personal life. Do you think this trend has more advantages o disadvantages for people?

The number of people who choose to
for a significant portion of the day is higher than ever before, ruining their personal time with their families. I strongly believe that
trend's demerits significantly surpass the merits.
To begin
with, more money means a better life.
is because the comfort provided by the amenities of modern living is only can provide better living conditions.
For example
, most IT industry workers opt for over-time in order to meet these needs.
, apart from money,
provides a purpose in employees' lives.
is due to their aspirations to climb the corporate ladder. To illustrate, one survey recently found that almost all employees in many industries willingly worked for long hours because it gave them
a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires
On the other hand
the trend has minor benefits, mental stress and fatigue are major disadvantages. These factors have been proven to adversely affect
workers both
Accept comma addition
workers, both
mentally and physically.
For instance
, a huge number of overworked employees have at least one chronic ailment these days, a study from Johns Hopkins University suggested.
, very little time spent with their families isolates them and add more problems,
as internal conflicts, in their lives.
exerts additional mental pressure on them. To give an example, most casual-job workers, because they spend additional hours at
, raise their children in emotional isolation, which in turn asks for an extra effort to be a good parent. In conclusion, even though there are few positives of spending long hours at
, at the expense of the personal life, the downsides, in my opinion, far outweigh the advantages because of the exaggerated psychological and physiological pressure put on the modern workers.
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