It is better for young to get advice from older people than young people. Do you agree or disagree?

Around the globe, guidance is playing a vital role in human
to make an adorable future. The suggestions of experienced people more reliable than teenagers, and they are well known each and everything about
essay will discuss in detail why collecting guidelines for seniors are better for youngsters.
To begin
with, the
and the foremost point is that elderly people have countless
In other words
, they are known, how to spend real
with challenges and obstacles. The old people are role models for society as well as for students; they can learn their mistakes from the old ages.
For example
, in a recent study, it has been found that 25% Chinees people who were successful in owning businesses, because they follow the guidelines of their seniors.
, they have deeply ideas of any situation,
as a result
, teenagers can understand easily.
, the elderly people have analytical skills, and they are more patient and rationale.
In addition
to it, their eyes are more judgmental as compared to young bloods.
For instance
, if any student got top positions in school,
, some time’s their friend might be misguided due to jealousy.
, older people are telling stories to young people regarding achievements of
, which are beneficial for them to enhance the success rate in future. Teenagers could learn about the traditional culture of any country, because nowadays, youngsters have forgotten their roots. To conclude,
, generation gap is increasing widely in everywhere, older people can guide their children better as compared the friends. Older people are the pillars of any nation or any family, they can give the right directions to their children for becoming successful.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • wisdom
  • experience
  • modern challenges
  • peer advice
  • long-term perspective
  • contextual relevance
  • diverse perspectives
  • generational gap
  • mentorship
  • cautionary tale
  • evolving societal norms
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