In the future, nobody will buy printed newspaper or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is true that electronic newspapers and books are becoming more popular nowadays. While I agree that reading through portable devices brings substantial benefits, I believe that paperbacks and magazines will not be superseded easily in the future. On the one hand, I agree that integrating technology devices in reading offers numerous advantages.
, it allows readers to access the internet and the digital resources, which have a wider range of category, compared to the traditional method.
As a result
users can read unlimited content at the same time, there is no additional cost for buying these items.
, in comparison, online news is more convenient and frequently updated.
For example
, breaking news is announced immediately, while traditional people have to wait for the
On the other hand
, I believe that both papers and books are replaced completely in the future.
To begin
with, paper journals are announced by publishers with high reputation and they are all official.
can prevent from misunderstanding important information, which can lead to the misconception among the individuals.
For example
, tabloids, which are expected to appear on the internet for attraction purpose due to the on-click function, can bring imprecise information while newspaper owns a reliable source.
, expose to
technology gadgets
Accept comma addition
technology, gadgets
frequently can harm to users’ health seriously.
For instance
, these devices not only damage victims’ eyesight, but
increase the risk of obesity or heart disease in the long-term since people nowadays usually accompany with a sedentary lifestyle. In conclusion, while e-books and online news allows readers to gain unlimited knowledge of any aspects around the world, I do not believe that it has the opportunity to alter all the printed books and magazines in the near future.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Technological advancements
  • Digital content
  • Environmental concerns
  • Tactile experience
  • Production costs
  • Distribution costs
  • Digital divide
  • Digital fatigue
  • Print media
  • Credibility
  • Permanence
  • Collectibility
  • Aesthetic value
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