In many countries, paying for things using mobile phones (cellphones) apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages?

Exchanging payments for the goods and services using mobile phone applications is becoming prominent in the contemporary world. Despite the cons, including identity theft and data sharing with applications, the advantages, like accessibility and comfort certainly dominate. The increasing popularity of paying using phone apps has its concomitant risks.
, the identity theft, which is believed to be of critical importance. Having the profiles created on various unreliable mobile applications,
for instance
, makes it convenient for hackers to mirror the identity and use these them to pay for their luxury needs. The other potentially
factor is the data sharing with these
party apps.
For example
, these mobile applications have a prerequisite where a user is needed to confirm that he is willing to share his personal data like card details, address and phone number. If an untrustworthy app gets the access to ones personal information, the data could be sold for a few bucks to spamming agencies.
, these risks coexist with rising demand for paying online.
, various security measures are being implemented to mitigate these factors. Despite these, the other side of the coin is more promising.
In other words
, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
For instance
, applications like Google pay and Apple Pay provides a high degree of accessibility where one can simply tap at any NFC enabled machine to initiate a payment.
saves a lot of time in finding spare change in the form of notes and coins.
, it elevates the sense of comfortability among people in a way that they do not have to carry their money bag or wallet anymore to the shopping stores.
freedom, albeit small, adds to the convenience level for people and is
a dominating factor behind the rise in popularity of paying using cell phones. In conclusion, even though the rise in technology enabling one to pay using online mobile apps has certain drawbacks, the pros, most certainly, compensate.
, it allows one to have greater access and spend their money more conveniently making the overall process more enjoyable.
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