More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult. Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. How can governments make urban life better for everyone?

Many people are moving to big cities for more prosperous opportunities.
living in a large metropolis can be tough, there may be some measures that governments can take to improve citizens' lives. As the migration of more people to large metropolises has become a trend, several related problems can be anticipated. The main issue is the costs of living, which is much higher than those in the countryside. City dwellers may have to pay a great amount for a wide variety of goods and services ranging from housing, transportation to
health care
that can account for approximately half of their monthly income.
In addition
to that, those are breadwinners may have to bear the weight of finance for their family members, and they hardly have savings for the future or unexpected events. Another issue is the competition of the metropolitan labour market, which may marginalise those who are not qualified for a position. In
a cutthroat world, well-paid jobs are more likely to be offered to applicants with high academic backgrounds and work-related experience that may elude people migrating to cities from less developed areas. The
possible problem is that urban areas tend to be susceptible to social issues.
For example
, high levels of air pollution in cities caused by traffic and greenhouse gas emissions can make people more vulnerable to diseases.
, there are some actions that governments can take to tackle the problems described above.
, policymakers can increase minimum wage levels in metropolitan regions so that the inhabitants could have more income to cover their lives.
, governments can invest more in social housing for the less privileged to reduce the costs of living.
, the municipal authority can help people to improve their knowledge and skills through a series of vocational training sponsored by public funding;
, they can be more competent employees.
, another measure is to improve the air quality by curbing the emissions, and primary healthcare services should be accessible and affordable to everyone. In conclusion, living in a large metropolis can have some drawbacks, but governments can implement some measures to improve the quality of city dwellers' lives.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Urbanization
  • Metropolis
  • Rapid urban growth
  • Megacity
  • Urban sprawl
  • Housing affordability
  • Infrastructure development
  • Public transportation
  • Traffic congestion
  • Pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Green spaces
  • Job market
  • Social cohesion
  • Community engagement
  • Safety measures
  • Crime prevention
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