People are not paying attention to the environmental problem. What is the cause and suggestions to deal with this issue?

day and age, more and more people neglect the importance of preserving the environment. There are several reasons associated with
phenomenon, and some fruitful solutions could be taken into consideration to tackle
problem. Two primary reasons could explain why
could be the case.
, most people seem to believe that it is the responsibility of national leaders and international bodies to preserve the natural world. It is because these people consider their minor actions could not play any role in protecting the mother earth when governments and oversea organizations have more resources
as money, technological advances, and experts than themselves to hold that duty.
, the authorities’ policies were ineffective and improper in the fight against environmental deterioration, which in turn leads to a reduction of people’s awareness of saving the environment.
For example
, governments had imposed many laws to punish those who failed to follow these regulations, but, there is still a plurality of industrial factories that have been
chemical waste into rivers and oceans, which causing death to many fishes and other aquatic animals.
, some steps could be taken into account to address
problem. In terms of individual, each person needs to acknowledge environmental information from social media platforms includes YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In
way, they are more likely to be aware of what is happening around them, and
they would pay more attention to protect the natural world. Regarding states, it is the governments that can organize educational programs to foster citizen’s spirit of conserving the earth.
For instance
, the authorities could establish a green day in which every family would not use any plastic products, which leads to a significant decrease in the assumption of single used plastics. In conclusion, despite the ignorance of people in preserving the environment.
issue could be coped with by both individuals and governments.
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