Even though doctors all over the world agree that fast food is bad for people’s health more and more people are eating it. 1) Why are more people eating fast food? 2) What can be done about this problem? Give reasons for your answer with relevant examples

Nowadays, fast
is commonly topic discussed. Even though doctors all over the world alert
that is
bad for health, the number of consumers increase day by day.
essay shall point out some reasons why people decide to eat
kind of meal and what can be done about it. The
point to contemplate is regarding that
kind of meal is rich in fat and sodium and most of the time
foodstuff is industrialized, which are added many types of additives and conservatives. The main reason why people decide to consume fast
is the price. The final product is considered cheap, fast to deliver and easy to eat, like sandwiches and pizza.
For example
, on of the pioneer and the biggest brand of fast
sells the same combo (sandwich, soda and potato fries) for more than 40 years worldwide and the price does not vary too much.
, those old fast
companies have the profit as a focus and not in human health.
, the game is changing and the world are assisting a new way of consuming. A new generation more conscious about the planet, environment, health and nourishment are transforming the way of fast
, using less animal products, less fat and much more fruit and veggies.
For example
, the expansion of vegetarian and vegan
, more adepts at gyms and the explosion of street runners and others sports.
, considering the point discussed previously it is clear to state that fast
has time to finish. The new generation will transform the market and the way to think about the planet and specially about to eat and body.
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