Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and international laws introduced to control car ownership and use. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give examples from your relevant experience

Driving cars on the roads have significantly increased, nowadays. Opinions differ whether the substitute transportation methods and global regulations concerning ownership of vehicles should be introduced and encouraged. I completely agree with the above notion and reasons for
will be discussed
of all, one of the major problems is congestion, which is caused by the increased number of cars on roads. In metropolitan cities, even in the relatively small family there are at least one to two vehicles. These over crowding of vehicles not only keeps the roads busy, but
result in accidents.According to an article published in "The Times" the number of accidents on roads has increased significantly in
5 year due to the congestion.
In addition
, it makes the lives of people living in the city hectic and very tiresome to commute. In order to resolve
issue, public campaigns and alternate means of transportation
as public transport or eco-friendly ways should be encouraged, as well as stricter laws need to be put in place concerning the use of private cars.
, another main problem is the effect on our environment. The air quality in cities has significantly reduced rather than countryside, owing to the use of private vehicles. Despite the government warnings, people tend to use their own vehicles, citing comfort and convenience as major reasons. The number of cases of respiratory diseases,
for instance
, has greatly increased, according to the latest survey by the medical organisation. To conclude,
these problems are by no means insurmountable, I believe harder rules and public awareness are necessary in order to combat these problems.
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