Some people think that building tall building is the best way to create more housing space, while other people believe it's better to build many houses on land. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

These days two types of constructions are becoming popular, which are built of multistory apartments and individual row houses. While some people are of the opinion that it is better to build taller apartments in terms of spacing saving and economic, others believe that to build separate houses has many advantages.
, the fact that, as the increase in population in cities leads to the shortage of space in building homes for the people.
builders are promoting apartments which will be beneficial to the consumers, builders and
best for the economy.
, Buying a new home is a dream of everyone in the society.
Nevertheless many
Accept comma addition
Nevertheless, many
of them cannot afford.
, apartments provides choices for the consumers, according to their budget.
For instance
, a person living in a city with low income can
afford a small house with their budget in
In contrast
, it has a disadvantage that many people living in a flat does not feel the privacy and comforts, as like the people in the individual home.
, most of the people prefer to have a separate house,
it costs high, as it has many advantages like freedom to refurnish their home, plant a garden, enjoy loud music etc. Since the cities are running out of space due to population explosion, the prices are increasing rapidly.
As a result
, these homes becoming expensive for the ordinary people. In conclusion, it is evident that both types of accommodation as its own merit and demerits in terms of cost and comforts.
, my opinion is constructing apartment is better for the society as well as individuals in terms of cost, space saving and economy.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • urban sprawl
  • geographical area
  • densely populated
  • infrastructural
  • maintenance costs
  • energy-efficient
  • green technologies
  • carbon footprint
  • community and lifestyle
  • social cohesion
  • environmental considerations
  • biodiversity
  • heat island effect
  • flexibility
  • scalability
  • preservation
  • distinct communities
  • demographic changes
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