Some people say that the main environmental problems of our times is the loss of particular species of plants or animals. Others say that there are more important environmental issue problems. Discuss both view and give you own opinion.

It is true that the cause of the environmental crisis is a controversial topic in human society. While it can be argued that the extinction of some plants or animals is an extremely serious issue, I believe that there are more leading factors which contribute to the environmental degradation. There are several reasons why the loss of endangered
could affect the ecosystem severely.
To begin
with, the loss of a specific
could raise the number of endangered
For example
, some particular birds and deer use herbs as a main source of food, the missing of herbal directly impact on the number of these two animals due to food shortages and living on the edge. As a consequence, in the long-term,
could pose a significant threat to human lives.
, the loss plants or animals
as herbal will lead to the lack of medicine and medical treatment since they are integrated into the medical area. More specifically, some unique herbals are used as cures for diseases, if the extinction happened to these plants, human are
of great significance or value
to treat these deadly diseases. Despite the above arguments, there are more serious environmental issues we are facing.
, climate change is a major concern in every nation.
could be caused by the excessive use of unrenewable energy and emit exhaust fumes
as carbon dioxide results in the depletion of natural resources, the change of weather pattern.
, due to the global warming problem, the process of melting glaciers has been speeded up dramatically lead to the rise of sea levels.
As a result
leads to the habitat destruction of many animals
polar bear and penguin in the Artic. In conclusion, the vanishing of certain
damage to our community heavily in different ways and deserved to receive more attention,
, it is not the only major issue we are facing nowadays.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem services
  • genetic diversity
  • food chains
  • climate change
  • habitat destruction
  • pollution
  • overpopulation
  • deforestation
  • water scarcity
  • holistic approach
  • environmental sustainability
  • irreversible loss
  • threatened species
  • conservation efforts
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