In the past, shopping was a routine domestic task. Many people nowadays regard it as a hobby. To what extent do you think this is a positive trend?

It is indispensable that shopping has become a part of our life in the present day. In the past, people used to go to malls for buying needed products, whereas nowadays, it has become a hobby of folks. Despite
trend has certain benefits, overall
could lead to the destruction of society. To embark on it, there are two main reasons why people love to do shopping.
, it can refresh folks from any kind of stress. Since people have a hectic life, shopping is a crucial way to reduce the level of stress from their work and study. After visiting shopping complexes, the feeling of anxiety is changed into
, offering multifarious amenities by shopping malls is popular among people. They provide facilities like cinemas, gaming centres, and food courts.
As a result
, it is more likely to be entertained rather than boring work.
For example
, a survey of the New York Times revealed that the majority of shopping centres have included numerous leisure activities in order to attract millions of people.
, no can deny adverse effects of
and foremost, spending less time with families and their hobbies.
In other words
, owing to wasting too much time merely on shopping, individuals do not have adequate time to spend with their families or follow their real hobbies.
may affect their marriage life, and relationships with other family members may be decreased.
trend may augment a financial burden on people's pockets.
of enjoying shopping, people often buy products which are not futile to them.
As a result
, people are more likely to become extravagant.
For instance
, the BBC News showed that youngsters spend more than half of their income on buying clothes and other fashion products. In conclusion,
shopping has become more convenient and interesting, it
may has
may have
certain converse effects on people.
, I believe that the negative consequences of shopping should be overlooked.
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