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Some time ago shopping was a daily routine task. These days many people consider it as a hobby. Although this can certainly be beneficial, I express concerns about this new consumption era people are living.
In this contemporary era, visiting malls and buying things there consider as a hobby in free time.However, that is far different compared to the past. Personally I believe that this entertain may bring some bad effect o
Nowadays, people’s tendency towards shopping has changed a lot compared to the past. A large group of individuals consider it a funny process, moreover, this is becoming the dominant idea these days. In previous times,
Nowadays, more and more people from all social categories start to enjoy shopping and to consider it a relaxing activity . I strongly agree that regarding it as a hobby is a positive trend. I am going to explain the rea
In the past, shopping was defined as a routine domestic task, but nowadays many people are starting to define shopping as a hobby. In my opinion, I think it is a positive trend.
From time to time, there is a significant changes on an individual’s shopping habits. Currently, people are more regarding shopping as a interest but not a daily task. From my perspective, this is a positive trend and t
In the past, shopping was a routine domestic task. However, it is believed to be a hobby nowadays. In my opinion, while I agree that this is a positive tendency, I also think that this has some drawbacks.
Every day, millions of people go out to do shopping, it is an activity that you can do everywhere, alone or with some friends and there are many kinds of research which explain how this thing can relax the body and mind.
In former times,shopping had been a daily responsibility of many people to buy a commodity for their family but now that activity is likely to be a hobby for most people. While some people believe that it is a favourable
A commonly held belief is that affording necessary goods play an important role in our modern life and no one can deny it. However, in recent years we have noticed that purchasing has become entertainment for people, as
A commonly held belief is that affording necessary goods play an important role in our modern life and no one can deny it. However, in recent years we have noticed that purchasing has become entertainment for the people,
Shopping was considered a daily household chore by the old generation, whereas a majority in modern society is taking it as a leisure activity. In my opinion, I partially agree with the aforementioned statement. This ess
Nowadays people go shopping as a hobby, while in the past they only did it as a routine task. I completely agree with the statement and believe that we should be more reasonable these days.
Shopping has become an activity of leisure which was once merely considered a routine task. Although it might result in reckless purchasing sometimes, however, it has brought numerous indisputable and irrefutable advant
It is true that nowadays visiting malls and purchasing different kinds of tools or clothes is becoming a hobby, while in the past it was just an obligatory household task. Some critics maybe disagree with me, but I total
Over the past decades, the trends all over the world have evolved substantially. People nowadays are craving to do shopping as a hobby, even though they did it as a daily task for domestic needs. I completely agree with
In early times, going shopping was a daily chore in which people bought essential goods only, but now it has become a fun activity. I agree that it's a positive trend and will give reasons why.
People shop for things for varied reasons. While in earlier years it was more of buying things for homely daily necessities, folks now have started going shopping as a fun activity. Although I agree it is mostly positiv
Nowadays, the activity like shopping has become popular in the society. Some people may treat it as a hobby because it brings happiness in the process. However, there is another people think that it will negatively affec
It is said that in the past shopping was daily domestic task, however they only buy a things which is necessary. while more and more folks now a days regard a shopping as a hobby. This essay will not only highlight that
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