Some people argue who have been in prison can become good citizens later and it is often argue that these are the best people to talk to teenagers about dangers of committing a crime to what is extent do you agree or disagree

It is true that ex-prisoners can become normal, productive members of society. I completely agree with the idea that allowing
to speak to
about their experiences is the best way to discourage them from breaking the law. In my opinion,
are more likely to accept advice from someone who can speak from experience. Reformed offenders can tell young
about how they became involved in crime, the dangers of a criminal lifestyle, and what life in prison is really like. They can
dispel any ideas that
may have about criminals leading glamorous lives.
adolescents are often indifferent to the guidance given by older
, I imagine that most of them would be extremely keen to hear the stories of an ex-offender. The vivid and perhaps shocking nature of these stories is likely to have a powerful impact. The alternatives to using reformed criminals to educate
about crime would be much less effective. One option would be for police officers to visit schools and talk to young
could be useful in terms of informing teens about what happens to lawbreakers when they are caught, but young
are often reluctant to take advice from figures of authority. A second option would be for school teachers to speak to their students about crime, but I doubt that students would see teachers as credible sources of information about
, educational films might be informative, but there would be no opportunity for young
to interact and ask questions. In conclusion, I fully support the view that
who have turned their lives around after serving a prison sentence could help to deter
from committing crimes.
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Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately

Linking words are very important in your essay.

To score effectively on your IELTS exam, you should make an effort to implement short concise sentences coupled with linking words.

Almost every sentence in your essay should have a linking word of some sort.

In fact, the only sentences that can omit linking words are your background sentence and thesis.

Linking word examples:

  • firstly
  • secondly
  • thirdly
  • in additional
  • moreover
  • also
  • for example
  • for instance
  • therefore
  • however
  • although
  • even though
  • despite

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • prisoners
  • rehabilitation
  • recidivism
  • consequences
  • insights
  • deterrent
  • guidance
  • support
  • role models
  • positive change
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