Computers are being used more and more in education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

It is certain these days that the computer is increasingly becoming an integral part of the pedagogy.
essay will illustrate how it has broken geographical boundaries as the primary benefit and the lack of human contact increasing simultaneously as the most significant negative outcome/impact. With technology taking the lead in bringing the world closer, the education system isn’t far behind in embracing
wonderful phenomenon. One of the biggest advantages of
inventiveness is the freedom one gets to choose from a plethora of curriculums across the globe from the comfort of one’s home.
For instance
year I enrolled myself in an online doctorate program from a Swiss University and I’m pursuing it at the comfort of my abode. On completion, it will add a prestigious feather to my hat, which
wouldn’t have been possible without
On the other hand
, the youth today are glued completely to digital programs and as an upshot, they are missing out on the essentials; most notably personal interactions and the appreciation for the same. Face to face contact has its fundamental importance in life and learning to develop personal connections are an equally critical skill to have, if not, the most important. To state an example, my daughter’s best friend these days is her iPad (tablet computer) and she has never been interested in joining us to any social gathering. Digitization is developing a different kind of comfort which is leading to isolation, and
it has a chain of negative repercussions which retard a person’s abilities to develop soft skills and compassion. In conclusion, technology has
undeniable merit of connecting the world in a way that it has never been seen before, but at the same time, its consumption
has its perils on human relations and one must be judicious and prudent at the time spent with it and on it.
, in my opinion, the pros of online education far outweigh the cons associated with it on any measure.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • 1. Interactive learning tools
  • 2. Multimedia presentations
  • 3. Online resources
  • 4. Distance learning
  • 5. Remote areas
  • 6. Digital literacy
  • 7. Problem-solving
  • 8. Critical thinking
  • 9. Technology-driven world
  • 10. Digital textbooks
  • 11. Administrative tasks
  • 12. Cost-effective
  • 13. Distraction
  • 14. Social media
  • 15. Over-reliance
  • 16. Traditional skills
  • 17. Handwriting
  • 18. Face-to-face communication
  • 19. Technical problems
  • 20. Digital divide
  • 21. Inequality
  • 22. Educational opportunities
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