Every year more and more waste and pollution are created. How are common people affected by this trend? What can individuals do to address the situation?

The amount of garbage produced by households and industries is increasing at an alarming rate. Undoubtedly does litter and pollution affects our population of the world and the natural environment around us.
essay will examine the influences that
problem has on our marine life and suggest what people can adopt, in reducing waste. Drop litter on the land do disturb our ocean water and marine life. Rubbish within our suburbs finds their way to our beaches through stormwater drains. These drains collect and remove rainwater from our streets, unfortunate the rainwater
gathers all the garbage
that is
left on our roads
as plastic and chemicals.
conveyed through stream and river flowing out towards our oceans where the rubbish ends up.
As a result
, plastic was found in seabird and fish that mistaken these items as food;
, these
ends up in our digestive system when consuming seafood.
, protecting our environment is vital for our health and the well-being of the sea, and it is the responsibility of each individual. Our oceans will likely be much cleaner by reducing the amount of litter we create on land. For starters, we can reduce garbage by recycling, glass, cans and plastics or even find ways to reuse some of the rubbish.
, you can pick up all the rubbish you drop and make sure you take all of it home with you after a day out on the beach. If not, it will end up in or sea that surely will have a negative impact on all of us. To summarise, we are responsible for our waste. By neglecting to clean up around us do have a harmful effect on the environment and ultimately, to our well-being. By reducing waste, we will have cleaner oceans, and
means that we can enjoy our beaches for swimming.
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