These days more fathers stay at home and take care of their children while mothers go out to work. What could be the reasons for this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Recently, there
has been
a tendency for men playing a major role in
households whereas
Accept comma addition
households, whereas
women paying more attention to their career paths.
phenomenon could be explained in several reasons and I completely agree that it is a positive development. The changes in roles played by female and male are caused by various reasons.
, the contemporary society promotes the idea of gender equality
of distinguishing women and men in a traditional way.
, women are encouraged to continue their careers after the marriage by
novel idea because they have the right to make a choice of being a housewife or still working, just like what men do.
, a relatively large number of women receive higher education and performs quite well in different fields,
as medical care, children education, and even engineering area.
means that they
have the ability to work as perfectly as men so as to support their family. Imperatively,
adjustment described above should be seen as progress. Fathers, especially those prefer staying at home to take care of their children, are willing to embrace
new trend while mothers who are ambitious in the workforce are given more time and energy due to the help from fathers.
, a balanced and harmonious family is formed which
provides a stable environment for children to grow up.
In addition
, responsibilities in a family can be distributed reasonably in
way because the particular roles for parents are broken,
couples make a decision on their jobs depending on their personalities or strengths. To sum up, the adjusting responsibilities in a family are affected by a lot of reasons, and gender equality is the most significant factor.
trend has positive effects in different areas which not only gives more opportunities for people to choose their suitable way of living but
benefits children due to a happy family.
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