In the past, people used to get information from books. These days more and more people get it from the internet. Give reasons for your opinion and include any relevant examples.

Technology has flourished by leaps and bound and has offered various new avenues to simplify our lives. While some people think that, earlier, books were the main source of information,
, these days individuals rely on the internet for most of their necessities. In my view, the internet has many benefits to offer than drawbacks. In
essay, we shall elaborate
. Gone are the days when people used to rush to the bookstore to purchase books or newspaper to catch the latest news and information. Nowadays, everything is accessible with the touch of a button.
, technology has advanced at an accelerated rate, and with the advent of the online books and newspaper, many occupations had to bear the loss.
, for an individual it is easier to understand and handle the electronics much better, unlike paper products which are prone to wear and tear. Online books have
made reading quite convenient,
for example
, an individual can scour through different channels or authors according to his/her liking at the comfort of their home plus can access them anytime, and anywhere in the world provided they have a LAN connection.
, it provides a safe and reliable alternative.
improvement is like hitting two birds with one stone; because it not only benefits human being but the planet as well.
For instance
, thousands or trees are cut each year for the production of paper, and
due to decrease in the manufacturing process, many forests are saved eventually restoring our balance to our ecosystem.
, many major problems
as global warming and habitat loss are tackled and reversed
as a result
activities. To summarize, there are two sides to a coin,
, paper products are not used as it was before, I, believe that internet serves as the best alternative for any source of information.
, people should be cautious not to over-use these advancements.
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