The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves no useful purpose and can be damaging? Agree or disagree

There is a growing concern about the effectiveness of investing in promotions, some believe that they should be banned for the sake of both sellers and buyers. In my opinion,
idea is rather absurd and I will explain how advertising can benefit all parties simultaneously. It is true that advertising campaigns have yet to be entirely versatile. To be specific, as the advertisement industry is essentially contingent on AI, artificial intelligence, it is impossible to guarantee that they could operate perfectly without any miscalculations. These possibilities lead to the asymmetry between the consumers’ needs and the products promoted, which can result in annoyance for the buyers.
For example
, and
the adult
an adult
whose internet searches involves zoology could easily be mistaken for a child by AI and be advertised animal toys
of relevant information.
, these commercials could turn antiquated, since AI
unable to catch up with emotional developments in humans, which constantly evolve.
, despite some minor limitations, I believe advertisements are still profitable and should be properly supported.
, it is undeniable that they benefit customers by updating the latest products or introducing the unfamiliar goods and services, especially in the modern proliferation of technology, where a plethora of new inventions are successively being developed.
, promotions are
profitable for entrepreneurs and corporations as they garner a great deal of publicity, attracting buyers and potential sponsorships.
explains why commercials are gradually becoming the top priority in all micro and macro businesses. Take Shopee, a popular transport company in Vietnam, as a telling example. Just a year after debuting and reportedly pouring their entire resources on advertising, they spectacularly reached success and outstripped their rivals. In conclusion, despite encountering a small obstacle, I believe advertising is still a potential industry as it financially benefits everyone and placing a ban on it will unequivocally result in dire consequences.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • consumerism
  • materialism
  • unnecessary expenditure
  • critical source
  • informed choices
  • misleading
  • exaggerate
  • survival
  • target audience
  • environmental degradation
  • disposal
  • art and expression
  • social and cultural value
  • commercial intent
  • reasoned conclusion
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