For some people consumer goods have become most important thing in the life. Do advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Consumerism, an ideology that encourages people to purchase products, is unprecedented prevalent around the world. It is still a moot point whether
phenomenon has more benefits or drawbacks.
essay will argue that the pros of
increasing significance
the increasing significance
of consumer goods in people’s daily life outstrip its cons. Admittedly, some
someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs
may argue that
surging materialism is harmful to the environment, since the numerous goods have to be packed with a large number of toxic plastic bags.
, I would counter that
not encouraging or approving or pleasing
issue can be addressed in the near future. With the rising awareness of environmental protection, many governments worldwide, especially those in developed countries, have implemented regulations to mitigate
adverse impact.
For example
, various industries, from food to clothes, to technology, are forced to use degradable plastic materials to pack their goods.
, the packages of those goods will not be detrimental to the environment anymore.
On the other hand
, there are compelling benefits for both individuals and society consuming products. In regards to society, colossal demand for daily goods can boost the economic growth.
In other words
, whenever citizens purchase a product, they will contribute to the gross domestic production of the country.
, as for citizens, those goods, especially sophisticated technology, can facilitate their life.
For instance
, the communication
nowadays people are significantly convenient thanks to the gadgets,
as phones and computers, which enable people to chat and have video conferences online.
, countries and individuals can indeed reap the benefits of products. In conclusion, even though the packages of consumer goods might pose a threat to the environment,
problem will be tackled in the near future; the pervasive consumer goods have desirable perks to both society and citizens.
As a result
, I firmly believe the merits of products are superior to the demerits.
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