Some people think that children should be taught at school to recycle materials and avoid waste. Other people believe that children should be taught this at home. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

In recent times, it is paramount to recycle plastic bags, bottles etc. To reduce the wastage of natural and man-made resources and to improve its usefulness. Many people argue that children should learn
skill of recycling objects at school, while others insist that parents should teach
to their children. I admit that parents can act as a guide or mentor, but I firmly believe that in academy students can get practical knowledge
essay will discuss both the views by demonstrating facts and points.
To begin
with, it is very important to protect the environment from getting polluted. For
, schools can introduce a compulsory subject of waste management in the curriculum.
, children will learn more about it as dedicated time slot will be allocated for exploring
, children will get hands-on experience and practical knowledge too. It is evident that cognition and intellectual skills are developed more by performing group activities. Peers play a vital role in encouraging and inculcating interest in things which aloof individual finds hard to incur. So, school can act as a channel to motivate its students in reducing the misuse.
On the other hand
, kids at home imitate what their parents do.
For example
, the way parents eat, communicate, etc.
, parents should imbibe the habits of reducing and reusing left over items in themselves, which will be ultimately inherited to the
generation. It has been always stated that home is the
school of the kids.
, parents should indulge their kids in
activities and help
objective case of they
in becoming responsible citizens of the nation. To conclude, parents are the primary source of the knowledge of the kids and what parents can do nobody can do. But, by performing real-time activities with class fellows can have a long lasting effect on the minds of growing kids.
, they can contribute in a better way in waste management and make
world a better place to live.
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