Some people say that modern innovations bring a lot more problems than benefits? Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, a few people opined that new automation makes so many issues than advantages. Currently, startups are ruling the world to make it easier to serve customers. I strongly agreed with some innovations that would create a number of health diseases
as addiction, stress, and tensions.
, advanced developments should essential to become a developed country. In
essay, I will state my views which are worth it.
, these days, we are ordering anything through online because the technology would be upgraded and provide more facilities without step out from home.
, people are being used digital cards to pay money in the eCommerce websites.
For example
, If people want do the shopping for occasion or festivals, they would spend some time on the internet
of going to shopping malls.
As a result
, people would not do physical exercise, but they would face in mental stress.
, now, people used to communicate with friends or relatives over social websites.So that relations would spoil and no emotions while someone is facing struggles.
For instance
, close relative died a few days ago, if people support their sad days, they will be stronger mindset to overcome issues.
, everyone should not addict innovations to mitigate problems. To conclude, modern technologies should not affect people's health and lifestyle. I personally agreed that new automation produces people's laziness and timid.
, People would effect on their mental stability. The government must set guidelines to not use more time with advanced tools.
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