Many people now have the freedom to work and live anywhere because of advances in communication technology and transportation. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Truly people are no longer concerned with living close to where they work anymore because of the advancement in communication technology and transportation. It is a good aspect as it makes things a tad easier for people, but the issue with it is that everything in life has its own benefits and effects.
of all, in the aspect of communication and transportation, the internet has made life easier as people can now work from the comfort of their homes using their laptops and phones via various social platforms and applications.
For instance
, a person is to attend a conference or meeting at the office, but due to unforeseen circumstances the person is unable to get to the office for the meeting
a person can attend the meeting connecting via the internet
for example
, using Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime and so on.
Also people
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Also, people
no longer need to travel a long distance either by road or air to attend a meeting unless one's presence is required and mandatory.
, the use of the internet for meetings, conferences and so on has its disadvantages.
For instance
, a psychotherapist in a passage I read said she had an issue at work as she relocated to a different city in London and she could not make the trip of going to her workplace every day due to the distance and stress. So she decided to have some of her counselling sessions from home with Skype but she noticed that they are some restrictions to it cause she could only see the portrait of the
that is
the shoulder upwards, but she could not see the other parts of the body so she could not really tell if the
is doing well cause she can not see the parts of the body that will show signs of the
's wellbeing like if the
is looking leaner or paler than usual. She
said that there is no physical connection with the
so she cannot really feel what the
is discussing with her. In conclusion, technology in communication and transportation is necessary as it has a lot of advantages, but at the same time has its own side effects.
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