Disruptive school students have a negative influence on others. Students who are noisy and disobedient should be grouped together and taught separately. Do you agree or disagree with this view?

It is clear that troublesome scholars impact other ones very badly.
few individuals state that these disorderly children should be clubbed and made to study jointly, I disagree with
argument and in
essay I will provide my outlook with few examples. Those who support the idea of putting the troublemaker students in a different class may argue that it is our moral responsibility to provide the right environment to studious lads, so that they can attend classes with utmost attention and clarify their doubts. At the same time,
suits the teachers and other group of students
For example
, the teacher of
disruptive group can try to understand the concerns and try to go slow on basics or focus more on some subject if the need be.
, if some student is on some wrong path, he / she can be counselled. In my opinion, everyone should get a fair chance to study from the best teachers including
these problem
this problem
these problems
-making kids. In case these troublesome kids are put in a different class, it would jeopardize their chances to improve upon and do well, hampering their confidence in a big way.
, in today's world, everyone talks about thinking out of the box for a problem, but that can't happen if everyone follows a set path, so a mix of different type of students is a must for overall learning and growth. We should not forget that to make trouble
someone needs to have a sharp mind and cannot be expected from a naive person. In conclusion, despite the benefits of providing the right environment to studious young lads and providing extra help clubbing troublesome students differently, we must take into consideration the possibility of getting an education from the best teachers and learning to think out of the box. Personally, I feel that providing equal opportunity to every kid will be more just, and justice in my view is paramount.
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Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately

Linking words are very important in your essay.

To score effectively on your IELTS exam, you should make an effort to implement short concise sentences coupled with linking words.

Almost every sentence in your essay should have a linking word of some sort.

In fact, the only sentences that can omit linking words are your background sentence and thesis.

Linking word examples:

  • firstly
  • secondly
  • thirdly
  • in additional
  • moreover
  • also
  • for example
  • for instance
  • therefore
  • however
  • although
  • even though
  • despite

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