Some people believe that when designing a building, the most important thing to be considered is the function rather than the outward appearance. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

A heated debate is whether the intended use or the exterior characteristic is highly-valued when constructing a building. In my opinion, I partly agree with the greater appreciation of function and come to the idea that people should take equal consideration in both factors which contribute to an appealing and convenient structure. On the one hand, the great function is a crucial criterion to start erecting an architecture.
, there are a variety of different building types to serve specific purposes.
For example
, an office is a workplace for employees while a hospital is where patients go for a medical examination.
, its functionality must be prioritized.
, when architecture cannot meet the basic requirement of its owner, the exterior pattern is not worth considering. Holders may encounter a sense of disappointed, eventually upgrading and refurbishing one, later on, leading to a waste of finance in the future.
On the other hand
, the gorgeous outward look provides several benefits to both itself and its area.
To begin
with, indeed, a stunning design can partly boost a building’ s value remarkably.
In particular
, a shopping mall is considered much more luxury than a market due to the enchanting and professional appearance.
As a result
, people would choose
places as their destinations drawn to it to ask for services.
, well- designed buildings beautify their surroundings;
, reflecting the charm of the area on which they stand. Under some circumstances, an architecture may become one of the most different places on the map. Eiffel tower,
for instance
, has been a global cultural icon of France as well as the most-visited paid monument in the world. In conclusion,
some believe in the function whereas others on the design, I consider both aesthetic appearance and intended functions have their significance that supports the perfection of a building.
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