People in the community can buy cheaper products nowadays. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

It is a well-known fact that consumer goods have been increasingly cheaper in recent years. Despite some obvious benefits associated with
phenomenon, they fail to justify the overwhelming flaws. On the one hand, there are two primary advantages to the greater affordability of existing product lines.
, since more and more people can afford now basic necessities, living standards have vastly improved. In fact, many households are currently able to purchase a television and refrigerator that meet their needs for entertainment and food storage.
, when commodities are offered at lower prices, public purchasing power is boosted and
drives economic growth. With prosperous economic, government is well-placed to collect more taxes and invest
money in key fields,
as education and health care.
On the other hand
, the glaring drawbacks of the rise of low-priced merchandise far outweigh these aforementioned positives. By using cheaper quality products, the public risks compromising their well-being. Some manufacturers are likely to resort to utilizing substandard materials and skipping many steps in the production process as a way to cut costs, resulting in lower safety levels for consumers.
, if the trend towards affordable items is accelerated, labour exploitation will rampant. In China’s emerging sweatshop,
for example
, underpaid workers have to work long hours in appalling working condition to produce ever-cheaper garments and electronic gadgets. In conclusion, society as a whole has more to lose than gain from the cheapening of goods.
development is almost inevitable, given the present emphasis on catering for growing consumption demands and achieving economic
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