people are novw have freedom to live and work anywhere in the world due to the development in the communication and transportation. what are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

The new ongoing switch is that a number of individuals are going to another
for better employment opportunity and livelihood, because of the immense enhancement in the conversation and commutation field.
migrating fashion has enormous pros and cons to the individual and the society.
essay will discuss how a person is benefited from obtaining autonomy to live and work at other places and
, how having freedom to live and work effect the one's own territory. From a positive point of view, the major pros of
trend are that people acquire a better life style and career options when they move to another part of the world. Owing to the fact that an individual moves only if he has the opportunity to make his life better a comparison to the
where he lives. Because of the reduced language barriers and availability of several transportation options.
For example
, according to the foreign national council of the USA survey of 2019 revealed that 70% of the individuals are migrating because they found a better employment and high standard living in the America which they disabled to get in their home town. Despite personal benefit to the person, the community is facing the cons of
new trend. As people move, the community is suffering from a lack of the reputed members who could bring a change in the community and assist with revolution in it.
, people are doing unfair to their mother land by leaving the
in underdeveloped condition.
would decline the economy and the advancement in those places.
For Instance
, Researchers from Oxford University had conducted the study of the growing continents
year and found that 50% of the people did not serve their own nation in the means of advancement. In conclusion, having autonomy could be advantageous for the person as a personal growth,
, an individual ought to think of the country as well, Because the nation is the
where they obtained a fundamental requirement to go to another
. I suggest, if, the regime creates a better option for work and live area, the number of migration would be diminished to a certain level.
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