The Internet has informed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before. What are the most serious problems associated with the Internet? What are the best ways to solve them?

the Internet has changed how
is spread and used, it has caused issues that did not happen in the past.
essay will discuss the problems caused by the Internet and suggest some feasible solutions that governments can adopt to address these ones. There are several main problems which are caused by the Internet. The
one is that some individuals spread inaccurate
about politics on many websites and social networking sites
as sharing reactionary documents and distorted
on the Vietnamese authorities, which might lead to the citizens of a nation losing trust in state agencies. The
matter is the growing appearance of dangerous websites, and a typical example of
is Deep web, containing pornographic images and sensitive content on trading in human organs or deadly weapons.
As a result
, those who are often curious about those internet sites will be obsessed think negatively and behave aggressively. There are several effective measures that governments can take to tackle.
of all,
the authorities
impose administrative fines for sharing misinformation and prison sentence for providing State secrets or reactionary
that can pose serious threats to the national security of a nation, which will act as a deterrent for those intending to have similar actions.
, state officials can order telecommunication companies to block websites through passing a law of internet use
as the Ministry of
and Communication in Vietnam forcing telecom giants including Viettel, VNPT and FPT to prevent Vietnamese internet users from accessing these sites, which encourages young people under the age of 18 to concentrate on their learning. In conclusion, despite the fact that
the Internet
has resulted in serious problems
as posting misinformation on the Internet and users browsing banned webs, high-ranking leaders can alleviate these by imposing heavy fines and introducing stringent regulations regarding the use of the Internet.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • cybersecurity
  • phishing
  • identity theft
  • misinformation
  • fake news
  • social isolation
  • internet addiction
  • data privacy
  • digital literacy
  • regulations
  • awareness programs
  • manipulate
  • proliferation
  • consent
  • escalated
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