Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding changes. Others however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, the working market being much harder than the
decade, it is requiring more qualifications and experiences to be qualified for any task. Because of that, almost of people do not like to act or shift their endeavours. Especially, for people who are holding a lot of responsibility regarding their family. Another they can take that opportunity and that which I prefer to do. In
essay, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a routine lifestyle.
, because of life pressure, stress, and responsibility most employees are not able to take the hazard of changing the career. Because they are thinking or looking forward to their family’s.
On the other hand
kind of person always their mind being on the safe side and always telling one bird in my hand better than ten in the tree.
For example
, my Father works as a teacher at the government school of his
working day never change his course because
job makes it him in safe side.
, few persons can take the prospect of changing their lifestyle. To, enhance their life class to be convenient with their dreams. Alternatively, if they find any opportunity, they will take it.
kind of person has more energy, motivation, and life plans.
, they know exactly their needs. I know many persons are ready to change them industry.
as, my best friend who holds the possibility to shift career because of his decision he become general manager of international company. In conclusion, taking the advantage to shift your work or career conducted to more experience in your growth and know many people with a lot of relationships. It will give you
a chance to improve yourself and influence your actions rather than staying your whole time in the same position.
Consequently spending
Accept comma addition
Consequently, spending
your adventure time in one place will boring impact on your soul.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • status quo
  • comfort zone
  • predictability
  • mastery
  • innovation
  • adaptability
  • personal growth
  • resilience
  • hesitancy
  • risk-taking
  • transitions
  • enrichment
  • equilibrium
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