Missions to explore space are hugely expensive, and there are problems on Earth which demand attention. The number of these missions needs to be reduced. Do you agree or disagree?

It is certainly true that the universe-missions are too costly and issues on the earth need immediate action. While few individuals suggest reducing the frequency of the missions, I do not concur with
viewpoint and in the essay, I will explain my point of view with examples. Those who support the idea of reducing the count of these space-exploration journeys may argue that the amount of money spent on these explorations can be put to better use in the form of eliminating poverty and providing employment.
For example
, if a country does not have enough funds to feed its own people,
sort of spending is not justified. Another argument in favour of cutting down these exploration expenses is that a large chunk of these allocated funds can be used to build infrastructure and reducing taxes.
As a result
, general people will live a more happy life. In my opinion, there should be no cut made to the number of space expeditions even if they are very costly. Through these space journeys only, we will get to know more about our planet and universe.
For instance
, to eradicate hunger from the earth we need to have enough food available and a lot of crops go bad because of untimely rains and drought. Space-mining can help us predict accurate weather and plan for these issues well in advance.
, these outer world programs help make our life easy. To exemplify
, we can look at the global positioning system or GPS, which allows us to move swiftly in any part of the world showing correct navigation.
space-research should continue at full speed. In conclusion,
the funds used in universe programs can be utilized to eradicate poverty or to build infrastructure, in my view the accurate weather prediction or GPS is a big positive and
the space-missions frequency must not be cut down.
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