people now have freedom to live and work anyhwhere in the world due to the development in the communication and transport. what are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

An enhancement in the conversation and commutation facilities have brought enormous changes in the world that individuals being free to live and work around the globe.
essay will discuss how
progression asset to individuals in personal and professional growth and
, how
ongoing fashion affects the environment where they move. On the one hand, being free to employment and livelihood has a positive impact on the individual's growth. As the linguistic barrier, no longer exists, people are able to go to other places where they have better opportunities in vocational field and
provides them a high quality life as well.
For example
, A study conducted by UK university students in 2019 reported that 80% of the international travellers vocalised that they achieved a huge success in life after the betterment in the communication and travel.
could be the main advantage that person acquires form
On the other hand
, Despite the personal benefits,
trend has adverse effect on the environment, because of the numerous migration to the expanded area.
In other words
, when masses relocate to another place, automatically, there would be surged number of vehicles on the road too.
will result in increased pollution that affects the natural actions and living organisms' health which consider as devastating effects.
For instance
, as per the prediction of the environmental department of the suburb areas, there will be 50% dropped noticeably in the coming year if
trend continues. In conclusion, advancement in communication and travel affects the atmosphere and people's health, but, at the same time, it
gives a chance for individuals to obtain a desire satisfaction by improving life and work.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • globalization
  • remote work
  • migration
  • digital nomad
  • cultural exchange
  • brain drain
  • economic disparity
  • carbon footprint
  • residency permits
  • work-life balance
  • cross-cultural
  • homogenization
  • innovation
  • global talent
  • remote communication
  • transportation network
  • diaspora
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