In the future, there will be a higher proportion of older people than younger people in many countries. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

In the years to come, the
of geriatrics in several nations will surpass that of the youths.
could be due to the fact that youths are involved in illicit substances and
would obviously not be advantageous to the society. One major reason why the
of older citizens will be greater than the younger ones could be because youths are indulging in hard drugs. These substances degenerate their vital organs rendering these individuals lifeless in a short while. By and large, their
begins to decline giving rise to that of older adults. Unlike the adults who decease from
substances, these young ones practise drug abuse in excess and uncontrollably
the outcome.
For instance
, the
of Nigerian youths has reduced drastically, in the
decade, because of their involvement in hard drugs.
, excessive indulgence in hard drug has been found to be one of the reasons the
of youths is receding and the trend is continuing in countries.
drastic decline is not in favour of nations.
In other words
, when the majority of the
are older adults, the economy of the countries suffers. Due to the ages of these older citizens, they are weak physically and mentally.
As a result
, they would not be able to contribute much to the economy. Rather, their welfare takes the major part of the governmental funds.
For example
, the economy of The Republic of Kenya is shipwrecked because their
is largely older adults, who has nothing to contribute to the community rather than to sap the available resources. In conclusion, youth's
will be low because of their involvement in dangerous drugs.
will be a minus nations experiencing
shift as the older people will be sapping the available resources without being able to replenish them.
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