Some people say that supermarkets and manufacturers have a responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging on products they sell. Others believe that it is the consumer’s responsibility to avoid buying products that involve a lot of packaging. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

With rising environmental degradation, it is need of an hour to protect
planet by averting the underlying causes.
, some people opine that the producers and manufacturers should narrow down the amount of packaging on goods they produce, while others claim that it is the consumers who should avoid purchasing these products.
essay tends to analyse both the sides. On the one hand, it is believed that huge change can be seen if retailers could stop making excessively packaged products that are non-biodegradable and pollutes the environment.
, the companies should transit to more eco-friendly and biodegradable products.
For instance
, the brands like Seventh Generation, Patagonia, The Hershey Company etcétera are not only the best sellers in their respective markets but
adhere to policies that allow sustainable practices.
On the other hand
, the consumers can take responsibility in their hands and avoid buying products which involves a lot of packaging.
will make manufacturers to revise their policies and adopt sustainable practices.
In addition
, the cost of the produced units would reduce to half.
For example
, in 2018, a senior citizen, in Bangalore, took an initiative and boycotted the packaged good that it ended up inspiring thousands of people to stop purchasing the products that involves a lot of packing. To conclude, I believe that it is the collective responsibility of both the individuals and businessmen to protect the environment.
, the government need to raise awareness among citizens and if needed, the products that put detrimental effects on the environment be banned.
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