The gap between the rich and the poor has been enlarged in recent years. What are the causes and solutions for this problem?

Every society is divided into two classes that are rich and poor class. In modern times, the gap between these classes is expanded. There are numerous reasons behind it, but with proper solutions,
gap can be subsided.
essay will discuss the causes of
problem and give solutions to solve
issue. The foremost reason for
issue is corruption in the economic system of nations. Political leaders are evading their responsibilities.
In other words
, they are helping the business class to make more money in the form of tax evasion and in return rich people offer them a bribe.
, the rich are becoming more rich and poor people are suffering because prices are shooting up like rockets in every sector. Another reason is unemployment in job sectors. As poor people are not getting jobs
that is
why it becomes hard for them to survive or to run their house but
on the other hand
, rich people are running their business and they transfer their inherited estate to their offsprings.
, the rich remain rich and the poor remain poor in the world.
, reservation in the employment sector is
a hindrance.
For example
, In developing countries
as India, the Pakistan caste system is very popular and in job sectors, preference is given to lower caste people due to which the people belong to a higher caste, do not get the opportunity to attain a job.
As a result
, capitalism is increasing in the community. There are some solutions to uproot
, corruption should be eradicated from the community. Corrupt political leaders should be not be elected in elections.
, large inherited properties should be divided into public so that every person can get a piece of land.
, small scale industries should be encouraged so that people can sell their commodities in the market and earn some money.
In other words
, importing foreign goods in a country should be limited. In
way, a problem could be abolished from the nation. In conclusion, the gap between rich and poor could be decreased if proper solutions are followed by the public or nations.
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Problem-and-solution essays fall naturally into two parts, the first describing and exploring the problem, the second setting out the solution or solutions.

You essay structure should look something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1 – Problems
  • Body paragraph 2 – Solutions
  • Conclusion

Examples to start your body paragraph:

  • One of the first problems of the...
  • Another problem that needs to be considered...
  • A possible solution to this problem would be...
  • One immediate practical solution is to...

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