People nowadays get married and give birth to younger ones in their thirties rather than in mid-twenties. Which do you agree with? give specific reasons for your answer.

Getting married and giving birth to younger ones is a crucial part of
. A population stratum of society believes that giving birth to younger ones in their thirties is a mature decision.
, in its sharp contrast, others find that having a child in the early phase may be beneficial. In
essay, I would like to delve into both arguments before forming an opinion. The
school of thought claims that nowadays people are aware enough for making the right decision to lead a happy and healthy
. During their thirties, people are experienced in their profession.
In addition
to which they may not have any worry about the future of their children.
For example
, a person in an age group of 30 is well settled
earlier ones.
, others strongly opine that having a child in mid-twenties is more than a blessing. they believe that during
period of
they can nourish and nurture their new ones in an excellent way.
, they can spend a greater time which may be more beneficial in their upbringing.
For example
, a majority of people in their mid-twenties are struggling and do not have enough burden of their work and may invest their time along with their children. In the end, I would like to conclude that it is a better decision to marry and have kids in thirties to run their
smoothly. But, if parents wish to grow financially along with their children it strongly depends on them.
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