In recent years, the family structure and the role of its members are gradually changing. What kinds of changes can occur? Do you think these changes are positive and negative?

The changes
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family structure and family roles have become a major topic of concern in modem society. Some of the main changes will be identified, before
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evaluation on whether
is a positive or negative trend is made. A few drastic changes could be observed in families today. The most obvious one is the decreased size of an average family in society. In Vietnam,
for example
, a majority of extended families of three generations or more living under the same roof have been transformed into nuclear families with only parents and children.
In addition
, there is
a significant change in terms of the roles of the father and the mother in a family. The responsibility of males as the sole breadwinner of the family has now been shared with their partners, and now women have equal working opportunities compared with their male counterparts.
, household duties are
shared equally between the two sexes. I contend that
new family structure is without
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doubt beneficial for all families. As regards the smaller family size, each family member could benefit from an increased sense of freedom.
For instance
, parents have more time for themselves now, compared with the situation in the past when they had to bear the responsibility of taking care of both grandparents and children. With respect to the change in family roles, women may reap the benefit of having their own career and
financial freedom. Men
gain from
change since they have been freed from the financial pressure of being the only source of income in the family. To conclude, the most apparent changes in today’s families include a decreased family size and a shared financial and household responsibility of men and women. All the existing data has provided a concrete foundation that these changes are beneficial for all members of the family.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • dual-income
  • gender roles
  • single-parent households
  • divorce rates
  • same-sex parents
  • multigenerational
  • family dynamics
  • aging population
  • communication technology
  • child-rearing approaches
  • work-life balance
  • remote working
  • family structure
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