According to recent studies, it is observed that the tendency of throwing out foods are getting increased day by day.

According to recent studies, it is observed that the tendency of throwing out foods are getting increased day by day.
trend can be observed more in cities than in rural areas. Excessive money for a certain group of people and lack of awareness could be the primary reasons behind it;
, by collecting large fine from offenders and setting up organizations for collecting excess foods can help to dissolve the trend.
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worldwide economy is getting more and more unstabilized these days and there are more than enough money to spend on a certain group of people.
, those people usually neither are able to appreciate the hard work behind producing the grains, nor they care about hungry population. According to a recent study, it is observed that almost one-
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world is suffering from hunger and malnutrition
, the rich ones usually do not care about that.
, there is
a part of society, where people are not so wealthy, but they generally do not have much awareness regarding facts and figures and tend to just throw away excess foods as a matter of habit. For children, it is quite evident that
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lack of proper teachings from parents often plays a key role. To solve
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hefty fine should be imposed on the people who are violating the rules. We have many examples that some never meant to be solved problems could be solved by strict measures.
For example
, a rule for collecting fines is imposed on a trial basis
year in London and the food wastage was reduced by 73% and
that is
truly remarkable output.
, we can set up some organizations, who can distribute the excess foods to the poor ones so that, everyone can live at least with
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full belly. To conclude, wasting of food should be considered as
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punishable offence and by reducing it we can help the needy ones to live healthily. I would suggest,
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government should seriously consider
and make more campaigns and incorporate strict laws to reduce food waste.
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