It is necessary for parents to attend a parenting training course to bring their children up. Do you agree or disagree?

It is often said that parents need to participate in a parenting training
to enlight their methods to raise their children in a proper way.
essay will discuss the important thing of parenting training for parents,
, the impact of its training to the children.
of all, I would like to say that parenting
is very helpful, and I absolutely agree with
statement because if you raise your children in a wrong way, it turns out that parents are likely to be more stressed in the end.
For example
, Asian parents are likely to determine their own children decision without even asking, even though the children do not want it. Eventually, after long term living under parents' pressure, Asian children tend to be disobedient when they are teens.
, their parents are likely to feel disappointed and have long-term stress as a form of their failures when taught their children.
, parenting
gives you some advice to overcome the difficulties and prevent bad behaviour that may develop in every child, and teach you how to be a great, friendly, and respectful parent rather than be a boss for your own children.
, the indirect impact of attending parenting seminars can be reflected in your own children. Children, who are taught in a better way, may have good attitudes, and their aggressiveness is lower than children that are taught wrongly.
For instance
, parenting
always tells parents to use two-way discussion to meet the win-win solution for both sides,
method can be used by the children if they have problems with their friends rather than cry and making judgement towards others. In a nutshell, I would repeat that I totally agree for parents to join the parenting class. The reason is that parenting class are really worth it for parents who want to be the best for their own children and, of course, for themselves.
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