Some people believe that young people know about international pop and movie stars but know very less about famous people from the history in their own country. Why is this? How can more interest be created in young people to gain more knowledge about their own famous people from history?

It is certainly true that few individuals think that the people in my country are more fascinated by the transnational
and movie performers. In the essay, I will mention a few causes for
phenomenon and will suggest ways by which the
can reinstate interest in our own
and stars. A prominent reason because of which people in my country find an instant connection with international pop and movie stars is of the fast-paced life we live in. Pop songs look to be more real to them.
For example
, many persons like to drive fast and with pop-songs high beats, they are able to satisfy their adrenaline rush. If in case, they would listen to Indian classical
, they will find it quite slow and boring, so they will ignore it.
, the Indian
classics are more complex and take years of practice to master it, in comparison pop-
is easy to understand using words from daily life.
, the Indian movies and their movie stars do not stand in front of their western counterparts. Most of the movies made here are a copy of some good old Hollywood cinema, and people are smart enough to choose the original one, and
they start following them. In my view, to promote our cultural-
and cinema superstars, the
can start some awareness programs.
will make the current generation aware of the great work our historical figures have done.
In addition
, the
can make it mandatory in schools, to teach about
as Tansen or Pandit Jasraj.
way, youngsters will get a chance to know them and connect to their roots. In order to make Indian cinema and its actors more popular, the
can grant some additional funds or tax breaks so that with
extra money better sci-fi or historical movies are made, which pleases domestic audience and people start loving their own performers. In conclusion,
our young lads find it easy to connect with international pop and movie-stars, their attention can be diverted to the domestic ones. In my view, it is the
's responsibility to tackle these issues, and they can begin by starting some awareness programs or making it mandatory in schools to teach about historical figures from
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