In many countries today, crime novels and TV crime dramas are becoming more and more popular. Why do you think these books and TV are popular? What is your opinion of crime fiction and TV crime dramas?

Books and television broadcasts related to murder mysteries are in demand among a majority of people. It is true, because of the way both these items takes the reader or the viewer to get attached to the theme of the story and the characters described in them. In
essay, I will discuss the opinion of both and express my views. Mystery novels are so desired by readers, as it offers the thrilling moments of experiences, which many of the readers might not experience in their lifetime.
, it brings the sense of excitement of, what happens to the actor mentioned in the story.
For example
, In a book-store, reader's choice of buying a book will be more on mystery topics than solving mathematical books.
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herefore, it is so much famed among other genre's.
In addition
to, reading books, television programs related to the same topic offers a great thrilling visual experience to its subscribers than the books.
, users get to see their story words in an action of real-time artists along with marvellous landscapes. Nowadays,
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programs are better than movies, with dramas
as Game of thrones. So, I strongly agree that television shows are more popular than books. To conclude, both the novels and Television dramas offer an immense entertainment for the users, but the latter is dominating the field, as it has visual life forms compared to the former and
the time to spend to complete is lesser than former.
crime related
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artwork is more famous than any other genre's.
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Use a variety of complex and simple sentences

You should use complex sentences in your writing, but it does not mean that you should try to make all of our sentences complex.

‘Complex’ sentences are not actually very complex; they are just two or more simple sentences put together. Putting them together makes the essay more coherent and cohesive.


I really want to study but I’m too tired.

I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

If action is not taken soon on climate change, global warming will get worse.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • phenomenon
  • intrigue
  • enigma
  • compelling
  • addictive
  • chilling
  • forensics
  • procedural
  • thriller
  • suspense
  • psychological
  • criminalistics
  • deviant
  • intricate
  • red herrings
  • misdirection
  • sardonically
  • socioeconomic
  • catharsis
  • moral ambiguity
  • multidimensional
  • protagonist
  • antagonist
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