What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city?

Perks of living in a big township may be uncountable, which is why many people always dream of residing in a developed city with all the facilities available nearby. At the same time, there are certain folks who like to stay in a calm remote area where they can get an open environment.
essay will discuss the various aspects of city life including its advantages and disadvantages by citing some references.
and foremost, modern living is a compass balancing between money and time.
, there is constant competition between rural and urban areas. With the current prevailing corporate culture delving in, many employees make loads of money, and
as a result
,they lead a good lifestyle amid super-busy schedule. On the one hand, urbanization promises all the services at a nearby distance
as schools, hospitals, supermarts whereas rural area provides a glimpse of nature in its own ethereal style.
, the cost of sustaining in the developed towns comes with a huge hole in a person’s pocket since there exists a huge competition in every sector, and in order to maintain the societal stratum, people often get involved in the wrongdoings or even let themselves sink in heavy debts which eventually leads to depression and results in declining physical and mental health at a rapid rate. Albeit, rural residing promotes very considerate lifestyle and often teaches the value of resources.
For instance
, a family residing 50kms away from the city knows they cannot rush to any service anytime
they take an entire day to shop for the groceries, clothes, electric appliances and activities like these enable an individual to not only be practical but economical in his or her approach. Pursuing
kind of lifestyle, where people spend time together away from the noisy chores of a town.
, the drawback is that one cannot make a hefty amount of income. In conclusion, I would like to quote “Every coin has two aspects”. So, it is always an individual’s choice to prioritise their values and requirements. The outside factors cannot be controlled,
,we can confine our actions and deeds, so as long as wise decisions are being made, everything will fall into place. After all, in the end, satisfaction matters.
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