Young people these days tend to be less polite and respectful than in the past. What are the causes and give your solutions?

The attitude of teenagers nowadays seems to be more impolite, disrespectful than in the past.
is a plague for those parents who struggle to find the right way to grow up their children to be better. Yet there are several apparent causes for
problem mostly relating to education and the surrounding.
, I would like to propose some feasible solutions.
To begin
with the causes, I am convinced that the environment could play a role to shape their behaviours.
In other words
, living with a group of bad people could turn them to be not good.
is because of the incomplete development of their awareness,
, following the natural instinct, they tend to find ways to fit in their current society.
For example
, a mother of a famous ancient Chinese philosopher had changed her house at least three times in order to find a fit place for nurturing the philosopher.
, being affected by parents is perhaps another cause. In fact, parents these days tend to carelessly produce swear words during their daily conversations. Unfortunately, their children could hear and imitate that negative unpleasant gestures unintentionally.
, the
solution for
matter is parents should be concerned about their children's environment and try to listen to their difficulties at school.
could build a strong connection between members of the family as well.
In addition
, teaching them how to be gentle is either important,
for instance
, Japanese tend to equip their young generation the firm consciousness of dignity, morality and social norms before giving them knowledge as these are the fundamental elements of being an ideal person. In conclusion, being influenced by the people around and especially, their parents could be the main reasons for their
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, I suspect if we could spend a certain awareness to the young people teaching them how to be gentle, polite on the very beginning days,
would no longer be a problematic matter.
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