In many countries, people throw away a lot of food from restaurants and shops. Why do you think people waste food in this way? What can be done to reduce the amount of food thrown away?

It is undeniable that some people in certain countries throw away a huge amount of
from shops and restaurants.
essay will highlight my reasons from
an approach and will present some of the solutions to minimize
waste. One of the most crucial reasons behind
behaviour is that some meals or
lose their quality after a very short period of time when reserved.
is because
meals usually have genetically modified ingredients to improve their taste. These ingredients are presented in some meals of McDonald’s,
for instance
, that makes them impossible for refrigerating or warming up. It has been shown that many people have claimed about the French fries served by McDonald’s, as it often loses its crunchiness and taste and cannot be even eaten the
day. To reduce the danger of
problem and
being wasted, governments should act more by implementing rules and regulations on shops by forcing them to reduce the harmful ingredients in these meals.
, another significant reason is the culture of a society. To illustrate, the vast majority of people of the Gulf countries order much more
as a kind of generosity and kindness. These people usually attending many events on a daily basis
as lunch invitations or dinners, and to show how they do care about their friends and
, they request these high amounts of
, immense amounts are thrown away. To tackle
issue, people should take into consideration that there are many people are suffering from starvation and it might be better to help people who are in danger from poverty by feeding them the extra amounts. In conclusion, I believe that the consequences of a society in some places should be maintained and the government should
have a vital role in minimizing the amounts of useless contents in meals.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • overproduction
  • inefficient
  • supply chains
  • perception
  • disposable
  • replaceable
  • awareness
  • education
  • regulations
  • redistribution
  • donation
  • portion control
  • inventory management
  • public awareness campaigns
  • attitudes
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