Some people believe that individuals cannot improve the environment, and only the government and big companies can make differences. To what extent, do you agree or disagree with their opinion?

present world, the environment has been seriously damaged due to various kinds of human activities. The destruction is so severe that efforts of individuals alone can't help in changing the conditions but it's the government and companies who can put in efforts to control the environment from
degradation. A huge amount of funds, labour force, and educational agencies are required to help in protecting nature.
, in the
few decades ,the green cover has steeply declined in India due to the construction of railways, highways and dams.
For example
, in the city of Mumbai for the purpose of constructing metro rail, thousand acres of forest land was being destroyed. Sadly, individuals by themselves can't stop the development activities nor can accumulate funds for the afforestation purpose at
a big proportion .
, it's the government who can stop these works which are causing harm to the habitat by passing legislation and
by investing millions of rupees in hiring labours who can plant the trees in the areas where the effects of degradation were seen.
, educating people at a national level about the harmful effects on humans caused due to water pollution in rivers .
For instance
, most of the rivers in India are so polluted that its water can't be consumed directly. When the efforts are required at
a huge level, how can an individual take the responsibility?
, various non-profit organizations are launching awareness programmes at central level by hiring workers who are teaching people ways to save the water from getting polluted. These organizations are usually funded by the government or MNC's. To conclude, individuals do not have required funds and strength which are currently required to enhance the prevailing situation of nature.
, I completely agree with the people who say individuals cannot help in improving the environment as the situation is way beyond the control of individuals. The regime and companies through donations can create a great impact on the process of protecting nature.
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