Some people think it is important to keep and maintain old buildings rather than replacing them with modern buildings. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Owing to the rapid development of modern society, many historical structures have been demolished to make way for new buildings.
, some people suggest that it would be more humane and economical if we preserve old buildings. I partly agree with
idea. One the one hand, some conventional buildings in the cities shouldn't be torn down because of their high architectural and cultural value.
In other words
, the unique, interesting style of those old buildings can brighten the modern
and attract a lot of tourists.
For example
, many mansions with over 200 years of history are still situated in the
centre of Shanghai and they have become an iconic part of the
, those buildings diversify the
's architecture style by its different features, which have made the
a more beautiful place to live. One the other hand, it is noticeable that some dilapidating buildings have failed to meet the safety codes and blocked the way for new businesses.
That is
to say, a large amount of carbon dioxide can be released from those old buildings due to their outdated equipment
as the air conditioning system.
, older structures are usually no longer suitable to be used as modern offices and might cause inconvenience for many people on a daily basis. So
kind of buildings should be demolished to create a better, safer work environment. In conclusion, old buildings that are historically significant and aesthetically attractive should be preserved.
, the
planner should replace those dangerous sites to meet the new standard. Personally, I believe we should reuse the old structures with good value and tear down the buildings that are unsafe.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Heritage conservation
  • Historical edifice
  • Cultural legacy
  • Architectural marvel
  • Preservationist
  • Urban landscape
  • Economic revitalization
  • Tourist hub
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Cultural fabric
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Civic identity
  • Preservation criteria
  • Structural integrity
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